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Why Do I Need Security Cameras

With the ever changing technology in business security the uses and possibilities are endless and having a video surveillance system will save you and your business time and money.


In a 2008 report from The American Management Association, almost half (48%) of the companies surveyed use video monitoring to counter theft, violence and sabotage. Only 7% use video surveillance to track employees’ on-the-job performance. Most employers notify employees of anti-theft video surveillance (78%) and performance-related video monitoring (89%). However, over the past few years business have changed how they are using video surveillance.


Here are some key benefits of video surveillance for your business.

  • Increase overall security and safety – Security cameras positioned throughout a business help to prevent crimes and break-ins.

  • Improve worker productivity – The presence of surveillance cameras on the premises can improve communication between departments or buildings, allowing for heightened productivity.

  • Prevent dishonest claims – In instances where employees or visitors falsely attest to injuring themselves on your property, visual evidence from the facility’s security cameras can disprove such assertions, saving the hospital from pricey unwarranted insurance claims.

  • Resolve employee disputes – Employee disputes are easily resolved when clear visual proof is available. Surveillance cameras can shed light on incidents in question.

  • Continuous real-time monitoring – IP surveillance allows authorized employees to monitor critical areas continuously, in real time, from their personal computers.

  • Digital storage – Business that chose to install IP-based video surveillance systems can take advantage of the benefits of digital storage. IP systems enable the user to store recorded footage digitally on network servers, hard-drives or NVRs, where the surveillance video is easily accessible to authorized users, and offers improved searching capabilities.

  • Visual evidence for investigations – Surveillance cameras can provide invaluable visual evidence for investigations of criminal activity and other specific events that have taken place within or around facilities.

  • Remote video monitoring – Remote monitoring is an extremely helpful tool. IP surveillance allows your employees to view security camera footage remotely from any PC with network access. Multiple sites can even communicate over the same network with all of the camera views accessible online via the Internet.

  • Prevent theft – Prominently placed security cameras can help deter potential thieves and identify those who do steal.

  • Improve image – The presence of a security system shows your customers that you care about their security and can improve their shopping experience.

  • Visitor monitoring – One problem many business continually struggle with is proper access control for visitors. Security cameras at entrance doors can help your administrative staff monitor visitors and make sure they are properly signed in.

  • Crowd control – Large crowds can get testy. It takes a strong security effort to maintain order so the spirit of an event isn’t overshadowed by violence and disruptive behavior. A video surveillance network can play a significant role by providing security workers with clear views of the action, and the ability to focus in on specific scenes and individuals.

  • Safe entry and exit – When a hefty mass of people gets together for an event, entrances and exits can get bottled up with everyone trying to get to the same place at the same time. Video surveillance around these areas helps in lessening the impact of interruptions and disturbances for those coming and going.

  • Building/venue security – Surveillance cameras monitoring restricted access areas can help to ensure that only registered guests and staff members gain entry to specific areas of a facility.

If you don’t have the budget for a full video surveillance makeover for your business; you can always add to/ upgrade your current system. It will make a world of difference! With all the uses for a video surveillance system, can you business afford not to have one?

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